Mystic (noun) ~ Esoteric, otherworldly, spiritual, ethereal

Definition: A mystic is awakening or has awoken to the natural mysteries of the universe. A person who holds insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or through intuition / extrasensory gifts. A mystic is a human who endeavours miracles and explosions of synchronicities through being a continuing servant to the divine.

Wanderer (noun) ~ traveller, roamer, gypsy

A person who has escaped the confinements of living ‘in a box’ and instead walks the earth through listening to the beat of their own heart.

Here, your inner mystic is welcome!

The Mystic Wanderer (TMW) was birthed on the tropical island of Bali in 2015 by community founder, Kirsty after she finally accepted and welcomed her inner mystic into bloom. What begun as a simple self expression blog has now turned into a community of conscious men & women dedicated to living life from freedom.


The Mystic Wanderer is an open platform for inspiration and support as you begin the process of embracing your inner mystic. It is a community for you to explore and unlock your highest souls calling as well as connecting with other mystics on a similar journey.

As well as unlocking your inner mystic this space also gives you the oportunity to shine your offering in one space. Where the energy of exchange is circulated within a supportive community that is willing to recieve your offering aswell as cheer you on as you grow and evolve into your highest self.

In this community you will discover magic, inspiration, awareness and learn about ancient feminine practices to harness and trust your intuition. Catapult yourself towards a future that’s vibrant, aligned, fulfilling and truly free.

Explore our many guidance services, programs and upcoming events, join our TMW Sisterhood group forum and discover the many precious treasures in our Mystic Market. Feel free to connect with us if you have an enquiry or would like to know more.



Together we can ignite the light within
Discover the power that we each hold
To see through self limiting beliefs and fear
Receive guidance as you spread your wings into freedom

“I dream and know it is possible for the world to live in a place of peace, harmony and love. Where fear and anger is non existent, where each of us can spread our wings and soar in absolute freedom!” ~ Kirsty Targrass, Founder of The Mystic Wanderer



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“My session with Kirsty was nothing short of delicious. Her soft presence was well balanced with just the right amount of coaching to help me push through some big blocks. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to deepen their connection to their practice.”
“I have practiced various forms yoga for many years, but this was my first one on one experience. It was so much more than a yoga session; it was a healing, a massage and a workout. Kirsty has the ability to connect and tap into exactly what you need and delivers it combining a variety of her unique gifts. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and think that everyone would benefit from this. I felt so much more in my body, connected and just at peace. Thank you Kirsty!”
Renee (
“I certainly had a very personal and unique experience, truly peaceful and grounding for me and I can still feel the afterglow of love in my heart. Being my first experience with Kundalini Yoga, I appreciate the gentle nature of this practice. It helped me to become more clear and more focused on what I am doing in my life; I feel more grounded within!”
“Kirsty is an exceptionally inspirational character and a child of the universe. Her inquisitive nature into all that is mystical, heart based and real leads her into the most whimsical adventures. She is as grounded as she is soft, funny as she is intense and watching her bloom & evolve is a journey I most enjoy to witness. It is an honour to watch her delve into her soul and share with all around her findings and blessings. Kirsty is a wonderful woman and mystical wanderer of all that is beautiful in this world. I love her! X”
“I’ve seldom come across people who are as truly there for you, present & immersed in your own trials & tribulations as fully & compassionately as Kirsty. To say she has been there for me in the roughest of times is an injustice; she has held me when I have shown her vulnerability I did not know I was capable of. And that is where she shines. There was no duress in pouring out my heart to her, no urge to censor, remit or hold back; it came effortlessly & organically – every time.”
Kirsty is a mix of ancient wisdom and new age knowledge. She uses her intuition, natural healing abilities and gentle disposition to anchor in the frequencies of love, light and truth in a fierce, feminine way. I’m blessed to know and walk with her.


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