Born as a highly sensitive, empath, clairsentient and claircognizant with a Moon and ascending sign in Cancer, my passion is to inspire others to feel, breathe and unlock their inner mystic.

I remember at a young age knowing that there was more to the world then the physical eye can see. I remember seeing through the illusion of those around me and always wandered if I was the only one who could feel and sense others thoughts and emotions?

I recently recieved a profound memory at the age of 10 where I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening which left me in severe back pain for 5 hours before falling asleep and then waking up to no pain at all. This was a memory I consciously chose to ignore for most of my life!

During my late teens and early 20’s I continued to suppress my sensitivity and extrasensory gifts with alcohol and substances to prevent feeling my emotions and the emotions of those around me. During this phase,  I surprisingly set the intention to become a Personal Assistant, so I did just that. Within a few years I found myself working as an Executive Assistant at a top four international accounting firm, I was in this position for 10 years. I was living what society would classify as a successful life ~ I had a well paid job, a nice car, a caring family and good friends but there was a sense of emptiness in my heart, a longing to discover more.
I would ask myself, “Why am I doing the same thing everyday, surely, their has to be more to life?

“I always had a feeling of support and guidance  by a force much bigger than myself.”

So the universe heard and intervened with showing me the depths of heartbreak. I lost the man who I gave all my energy too which left me lifeless and numb. Through this, I was shown how far detached I had come from my body & soul. I realised I had been giving my energy outwards for so long that I was spiritually, emotionally and physically exhausted on the inside. So, I chose to practice yoga at my local gym and begin eating a more healthy diet which reconnected me back to my sat nam (true identity) very quickly.

In 2014, on the Full Moon in October on the land of Bali also known as the land of the gods, I attended my first circle on untouched land. I had no idea this would be the birthing of my spiritual quest, here I discovered magic, love, family and truth. For the first time I bled on the Full Moon, I was unaware of the potency of this cycle until one of my sisters congratulated me and shared with me the significance in being in sync with the Moon. As there were no pads or tampons around I sat in the river and allowed my natural flow to be washed in the fresh rivers. The moment I did this, I reclaimed my goddess and feminine energy that had been dormant for such a long time! You see, working in a corporate world that is most dominated my masculine energy I unknowingly lost contact with my feminine energy/flow.

I returned from this trip with feathers in my hair and a knowing I couldn’t return back to my comfortable 9­ to 5 job. I began to sell and donate my belongings, find a replacement personal assistant for my role and book a one way to ticket to Bali in February 2015. I did just that!

In 2015 is where I dove in head first into the depths of my soul, to understand and trust my intuition more.

Freedom is the essence to living and I don’t believe as humans we are suppose to remain dormant in a repetitive movement every day. From my experience this causes blocked emotions and energy in the body which leads to illness, suffering & overall disease. I am a continuing student of Earth and I am simply here to share with others how to trust their own inner wisdom and intuition.

I believe each of us are teachers and those who resonate with my journey and spirit will know in their body if it is time for us to connect. The chances are, if you found yourself to this page it is already happening.

Love Kirsty xo

I would like to give gratitude to my mentors and teachers who have been their for me during this transition! Some of you of which knew I would be moving into this line of work a very long time ago, thank you for lighting the path forward….

The Mystic Wanderer

freedom is found when we follow the calling of our heart & soul
~ Kirsty Targrass