“I dream and know it is possible for the world to live in a place of peace, harmony and love. Where fear and anger is non existent, where each of us can spread our wings and soar in absolute freedom!”

Founder of The Mystic Wanderer, Kirsty wanders the Earth as a light weaver, heart activator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Red Tent Facilitator and most importantly, a forever student of life. My mission is to serve this planet through inspiring others to live in alignment with the cycles of mother nature so they too can unlock their inner wisdom and unique powers.

The intention for The Mystic Wanderer is to share and inspire others to live from a place of freedom, mysticism and truth. It is a place for beings to:
+ reconnect to the magic of the universe (yes it is real!)
+ unlock their extrasensory gifts
+ fall in love with the wisdom and mysteries of the Moon
+ heighten and trust their own intuition
+ shift from fear to love
+ discover the power in living from a place of gratitude
+ live in the flow of life

I am here to ignite the light within. 
I am here to remind you the power that you hold. I am here to see through your self limiting beliefs and fear, 
I am here as guidance as you spread your wings into living a life of freedom.

Love & Honour

Kirsty xx




Your magical journey begins here

What if you had someone who has been through her sacred journey and created a meaningful, fulfilling life? Who’s joy it is to walk beside others, guiding them through the journey to discover theirs?


Through exploration, discovery and play, I provide guidance and mystic teachings on how you too, can access your intuition. Together, we transform the same stories that hold you back, and catapult you to a life that’s vibrant, aligned, fulfilling and free.

Are you ready to uncover ‘your truth’? Are you ready to stop dismissing the calls of your soul, follow your intuition and discover your life’s purpose? If you feel this call, then I encourage you to follow it. It leads to a life full of meaning, love and deeper connection.



Your Mystic Community

The Mystic Wanderer (TMW) Sisterhood is an open platform for free spirited, unapologetic women who are burning to rise and step into their authentic self expression. It is a safe space to connect with inspirational sisters and remember your purpose. A space where all of you is welcome; the quirky, the mysterious, the wild, the sad, the crazy, the angry, the sexy, ALL OF YOU!

I felt inspired to create this group to connect all the amazing women I have met, and continue to meet on my travels, adventures and sacred healing passage. Early into my spiritual journey, I learned the importance of having a strong sisterhood behind me. To share joy and encourage me when I rise, and offer support through the lows. The bonds we form in this sacred and magical place, quickly intertwine closer then the human brain can comprehend.

Every woman holds their very own unique story, so I encourage you all to share your wisdom, thoughts and emotions. New comers, please introduce yourself as we are blessed by your presence.


“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her” ~ Christiane Northrup