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November 4th Full Moon in Taurus – Having and Letting Go

Do you have a gratitude practice? Is it easy for you to think of things you’re grateful for? Do you list them off at the end of the day? Or maybe have a text message chain with friends were you message back and forth the things you are grateful for? Here’s a quick meditation you Read More

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October 5th Fiery Full Moon in Aries

The sun has now entered Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. There are twelve signs in the zodiac, beginning with Aries as the spring equinox, and with the fall equinox behind us and the sun now in Libra, we are halfway through the astrological year.  The first six signs of the zodiac –Aries through Read More

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September 6th Healing Full Moon in Pisces

“Years ago, when I was going through a really hard time, a friend of mine who was a naturalist gave me some beautiful advice about how to best take care of myself. He told me, 'When an animal in the wild has been injured, it has only two strategies for how to heal itself: It Read More

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The Return of the Lyrian Feline Race (Star constellation Lyra)

THE RETURN OF THE LYRIAN FELINE RACE (Star constellation Lyra). I have kept quiet for some time around my connection with star systems, it's not something that I openly share about, however, within the past month it seems I am being guided to share the frequency of Lyra. It feels as though it is quite Read More

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11 Minute Kundalini Meditation to Create Space for Miracles

Are you new to meditation? Been practicing for years? Trying to manifest miracles but seem to constantly becoming up against challenges and restraints? This Kundalini meditation is simple and yet extremely effective to create space in your body for miracles to appear! The best time to practice this meditation is at night before going to Read More

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Guest Blog Post: Unveiling

Have you ever gone a length of time without actually looking in a mirror?  I don't mean like whilst brushing your teeth or brushing your hair, I mean, have you ever spent days, weeks, or even months without looking at yourself in the mirror? I have. Almost 6 months. It seems almost unfathomable now when Read More

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Kundalini Meditation to honour your HEART

This meditation activates your physical and energetic heart. Our second heart is found in our hands! This meditation will bring you out of your mind and directly into your heart to awaken your divinity and beauty. To begin, I invite you to rub the soles of your hands together to activate your energetic heart, you Read More

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August 8th Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

What a powerful full moon we have coming up this month! Full moons are normally times of increased energy because both luminaries – the sun and the moon – are very strong at this time. But this full moon will be especially powerful because it is during a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses happen when the Read More

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Meditation for Self Blessing

KUNDALINI MEDITATION FOR SELF BLESSING Yogi Bhajan says "You surrender to a lot of things which are not worthy of you, I wish you would surrender to your radiance, your integrity, your human grace". YES YOU ARE extremely worthy to receive a self blessing each and everyday. This meditation only takes minimum 3 minutes a Read More

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What is a spiritual name?

Sat Nam TMW Tribe! Kirsty, here. It has been a while since I have shared the incredible teachings of Kundalini Yoga with you all and I have realised that since being here in Bali, I am cheating myself and others for not sharing this practice with you. So, for my own accountability, I wish to declare Read More

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Creative Stagnation in the Big City

Hello, my dear reader. It has been a while since I have written. I feel that I have been in creative stagnation. The last few weeks have taken a lot of my energy. I have moved house, into my first rental in London. I was very lucky to have been able to live with my Read More

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July 9th Full Moon in Capricorn – Intense Inner Schisms

Whenever we have a full moon, we experience a since of being split on some level. The sun and the moon are 180 degrees from each other, in completely opposing signs.  This upcoming full moon on July 9, the sun in Cancer  will call us to think about home and family life, while the moon in Capricorn will Read More

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Not For Profit Organisation – Seed of Light Collective

The Mystic Wanderer is now proudly sponsoring the non-profit organisation "SEED OF LIGHT COLLECTIVE" When TMW Founder, Kirsty, met Kashmir at a local café in Ubud, Bali, she knew that Seed of Light Collective was instantly close to her heart and wanted to join hands with Kashmir in raising awareness for the beautiful island that is slowly suffering with pollution. Both Kirsty and Kashmir Read More

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Breath of Bliss… join us for 6 transformative days in Bali

COME AWAY WITH US INTO A PROFOUND JOURNEY OF SELF LOVE AND REALISATION ON THE MAGICAL LAND OF BALI We are inviting you to join us for 6 days in paradise. Welcoming you into the world of Breathwork. BREATH OF BLISS Breath. Movement. Sound. Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness using Read More

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Dating, Yellow Flowers and Releasing Resistance

Since moving to London, I have experienced an unexpected foray into dating. This is not a topic that I ever expected to write about - but here we are. I have never really dated. Every relationship or experience that I have had has been with someone I have known prior, or to whom I was Read More

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – What’s the Big Picture? | Friday 9th June

Sagittarius, the sign of higher education, travel, and long journeys, always asks us, “What’s the big plan? What’s the big picture?” On June 9th’s full moon in Sagittarius, we’ll have the opportunity to ask just this question of our own lives. The Sun in Gemini is curious, interested in information gathering and socializing, and communicative.  Read More

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Clarity in the Vortex: Mental Health and Contrasted Experience

I was talking to a new friend that I made at my workplace about mental health, speaking quite openly about my own experiences. She said that it surprised her, as people seem not to talk about it much here. I gained an openness about my mental health because I saw that there was no other Read More

By | June 4th, 2017|Mystic Expressions|2 Comments

TMW at Mind Body Spirit Festival in London <3

TMW has the pleasure of being at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on Monday. Kirsty was invited to assist the incredible Sophie Bashford, who began as mentor and has now become friend. Sophie is a writer, intuitive and healer, who has gained a large following, after beginning to publish her work online. She began channeling messages after Read More

By | May 7th, 2017|Mystic Expressions|7 Comments

Amethyst – Properties, Uses & Meanings (with a Little Blog)

For as long as I can remember, my grandparents had a large amethyst geode in their home. The colour of it always fascinated me. Purple is, generally speaking, my favourite colour, and so I was of course drawn to the beautiful richness of its sparkling crystal. Though I have kept both clear and rose quartz Read More

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So for many of us who are empath's and highly intuitive we are currently feeling the major shifts that are taking place on the planet at the moment.  Feelings may consist of uneasiness, anxiety, anger, vulnerable or perhaps your physical body is physcially purging in multiple way's (I will leave this for your imagination). When my body Read More

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Reverance for all the women in the world! It is a rEVOLution!

It is a rEVOLution! A rEVOLution of the feminine. This email is purely in reverance of the women in the world. Enjoy beautiful woman, I hope this read inspires you on this Monday morning to live from your heart and to know there is a tribe of a women all across the world supporting you! Read More

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The illusion of New Years

This New Year's I found myself snuggled in my bed with a healing body, mind & heart. It was quiet besides the few fire works taking place around me. I found myself writing this message and was unsure whether to share it however I decided that this year is not about holding back but about Read More

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Kundalini Yoga: Connect with your True Beauty & Boost your positive mind

CONNECT WTIH YOUR TRUE BEAUTY Kriya: Aura, Positivity, and Vitality Sat Nam Beauties! I am so excited to share my first online Kundalini Class with you all. Enjoy this incredible kriya. This kriya is a great way to begin the day by reconnecting with your body in a loving way through strengthening your electromagnetic field Read More

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My top 6 Superfoods I have daily!

It is just 3 nights until Christmas, and if your family is anything like mine, it seems it is the time when most human's give themselves the pleasure of over eating or eating foods that are not necessarily that great for them! So, I thought this would be a great time to share my top 6 superfoods that assist with keeping my sugar cravings Read More

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My encounter with a White Lunar Dog

Feeling sensitive today. I have been living in a community shared home amongst the tree tops just 15 minutes from Cairns, coming up to three weeks. As an empath & clairsentient my biggest challenge has been to keep my vibration high to not absorb the energy, thoughts and emotions of those around me. I am an only child and I had Read More

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How to make Jamu (Tumeric Juice) – The balinese way!

How to make Jamu (Tumeric Juice) - The balinese way! The intention of this video is to give you an insight into the balinese culture and to support the locals who give so much love to their visitors. I also believe it is through the nourishment of plants and holistic rituals that we can bring Read More

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Our prayers from Ubud to Standing Rock ~ We stand with you!

As many of you know, the Black Snake also known as the Dakota Access Pipeline, is trying to make its way through the sacred land of the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota, USA. Right now there are thousands of people standing in protest against it’s construction. But this isn’t just about Standing Rock. To Read More

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Mystic Tip Thursday – Flouride FREE Toothpaste for a more vibrant life!

+ Did you know that our dental hygiene is the source behind a healthy digestion? + Did you know that it has been ingrained within the collective mindset that flouride is necessary component for healthy teeth? However... + Did you know that flouride holds a contributing factor to sickness and illness? + Did you know that flouride blocks our third Read More

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A Love Mantra to share with the awakened masculine

As I am writing this, I have tears of beauty streaming from my eyes and my heart is fluttering with excitement. There is a wave of awakened men who are being asked from the divine to step into their true highest soul's calling this month and remainder of 2016. Some have known this was coming for some Read More

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Mystic Tip Thursday ~ Benefits of having a cold shower for women

"Showers should be cold. Cold showers preserve a woman as a woman; they correct imbalanced menstruation, prevent early menopause, skin problems and they help her to keep her glow." -Yogi Bhajan Yeah, Yeah, in the past I heard that cold showers were good and healthy for the body too but it wasn't until I completed my Read More

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How to prevent EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

As the world continues to expand with technology & wifi, as does the vibration of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). If you are some what intune with your physical body and the sensations within it, you may have discovered how your body reacts when it has been around high volumes of EMF. So, let's get some clarity on EMF. Read More

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An Equinox Ritual ~ September 2016

Equinox ~ September 22nd 2016 Equinox is the time when in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn arrives and in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring. Derived from latin, "Equinox" means "equal night", ultimately there is close to 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night in this one linear day which takes place twice a year, in September and Read More

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This is a Yoga Practice too

It has been a while since I have shared my thoughts in words as I have held onto the idea that I didn't want to share anything until my website was redesigned to reflect who I am today, as who I was three months ago is not who I am today and then I realised Read More

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A Letter from the Betrayed Feminine

I forgive. I felt Kali roaring through my veins during 5 Rhythms dance tonight and as I listened to the string of the guitar in the final song I felt my heart in deep agony. Crying without tears, longing to be free from the pain of betrayal that has been deep embedded into the core of Read More

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How to deepen your relationship with your Yoni (vagina)

"Yoni" is a sacred sanskrit name for our beautiful blossoming "Vagina". Ever since I can remember I would always feel uneasy calling my Yoni, "vagina". When I discovered the sacred name "Yoni" from a beautiful awakened, conscious man in July last year something began to shift within me. It was almost like someone had lit Read More

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Mystic Tip Thursday ~ Connect with Nature

Let's return back to our roots, underneath all the layers + piles of junk we have continued to feed our body with (negative self belief, chemical induced processed foods, radiation, political propaganda) + connect to who we truly are at our core. The essence to our being behind the different masks we continue to wear + portray each Read More

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The Truth Behind Finding Feathers in Your Path

See a feather, pick it up, all day long you will have good luck... Yes! There is a message or sign being delivered when feathers start to appear in your path.... Moment's ago my little sentient maltese cross shih tzu ran inside with the above middle feather in his mouth. Usually, he is quite defensive Read More

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Mystic Tip Thursday ~ Understand your Moon Cycle

"Moon" is a sacred term for our "time of month", "period" or "menstrual cycle". We as women by nature are luna which means the functioning of our human body is in sync with the waxing and waning of the moon each month. When I first discovered this sacred name I was so relieved as it feels Read More

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Mystic Tip Thursday ~ Sun Activating; Solar Alignment

It was just April this year where I was given a tool that would change the way I wake up every single morning for the rest of my life.  Morning Sun Activating. So simple yet so powerful, I began to feel my physical + energetic body activating with tingles. My soul + heart returning to Read More

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10 Mystic Tips to Travel on a Budget

People often wonder how I afford to travel when I stopped working in February. The answer is, FREEDOM. I wanted to be able to live a life of freedom through choices. I believe the moment we truly want this the universe will respond with an abundance of guidance + love. So let's get started.... Firstly, I find Read More

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How I Danced My Way to Self Love

Affirm: I am worthy of love + respect The music softened, I began swaying to sweet, soft contemporary music, listening to the twinkling sounds from the piano keys, eyes slightly closed, I reached an altered state of consciousness + in flow, I realised within minutes that I had been sabotaging my love with others by Read More

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What you’ve ignored, Mercury Unearths

Ain’t that the truth!  Mercury Retrograde has been a little slice of what the fu*k. No, really what the fu*k? I would love nothing more than to be all light, love + yoga but right now I am holding comfort in the only thing that I feel safe in and that is BED + CANDLES. Mercury, Read More

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A Message From One Sister To The Next (please pay it forward)

The big full moon + mercury retrograde is still pulsating and I am feeling the aftermath! Late nights, no sleep, limiting beliefs, heart expanding yet closing, deeper suppressed feelings of separation + rejection are all rising knowing too well this is a process that needs to occur; it seems there are a few of us Read More

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5 Ways to Embrace the Critics Who Say “You’ve Changed”

Photo Credit: Chanel Baran   I guess they were right. We have changed (yes, I am assuming if you are reading this you have also changed or spiritually grown). What do we do when we change? ESCAPE. RUN! (our mind screams)... Well I escaped to Bali. BUT, we don't all have to go and do that. Read More

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When the Tide is in Taurus

Similar to the ocean where the tide rises + fall as do your emotions with the cycle of the moon, especially this moon where we have had a Super Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse + a Mercury Retrograde - woah! Right now the Moon is in Taurus (my sun sign, yay!) which means their may Read More

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A Beginner’s Full Moon Ritual // YouTube Video Part 2

Well, this Full Moon I am taking the opportunity to drop fear + judgement + do the one thing I never thought I would do a YouTube video! An unedited one too hence why there are two videos! These video's are for the women who are awakening to their true potential. who have recently discovered their love Read More

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A Beginner’s Full Moon Ritual // YouTube Video

Well, this Full Moon I am taking the opportunity to drop fear + judgement + do the one thing I never thought I would do a YouTube video! An unedited one too hence why there are two videos! These video's are for the women who are awakening to their true potential. who have recently discovered their love Read More

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How Love Is Winning On This Earth

Since I entered this online world I have been wanting to introduce the man who walks this journey with me but the time never seemed to feel right, well since the New Moon in Virgo has arrived, that time is Now. When ze moon speaks, I listen. This morning I woke up to receive this Read More

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Solar September – Eating Less?

Ok, it seems I won't be able to rest my eyes tonight if I don't post what is coming through. It seemed to all click when I read Luciano Kross's recent post, thank you dear brother! I knew our eye gaze was much deeper then our brief 5 minutes of connection. The last couple of Read More

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Are You A Mystic Woman?

If you want the life you have, don’t date a mystic woman. A mystic woman is a wild creature. She spends all her life seeking, for there is nothing else worth doing. She peers and gazes until she falls from the edge of the world, and into the next. Over and over. Each time she Read More

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We Shed for the Women who Came Before Us

This is to all the women  shedding for their ancestral lineage + by all I mean YOU and every women you know. Did you know we as woman energetically carry the tears, pain + blood that came before us? I sit before my Nan looking with admiration into the eyes of a women who has Read More

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A Healing Feather

Today I planned an impromptu photo shoot with a friend I connected with during my Kundalini Teacher Training.  I also met her in ceremony so when she walked into circle on Day 1 of Kundalini Training I instantly felt comfort + at peace to know I would be sharing another profound experience with her. This Read More

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40 Day Meditation – I Can!

This time last year I found myself driving into work on the Eastern Freeway of Melbourne knowing that most morning’s I would be travelling at 20ks per hour. These were the morning’s where I would feel frustration and unable to control my emotions. These were also the morning's where I would continue to snooze my Read More

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New Moon Roaring in Leo

This evening I arrived home on the New Moon in Leo to two hearts lit up, One made with (in Balinese) "mitir" flowers on the ground and a tea light candle in the center and the other was a heart candle holder hanging from a tree. As I walked down the stair's Daniel was playing Read More

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As Darkness Rises

When the mask is removed, the darkness that has been dormant within rises. In times of darkness, darkness is all that can be seen. It's like water that continues to flow down a waterfall, you drop and spread into a million ripples of uncertainty. Heart beats at unfamiliar rate, body shakes in turmoil, tears continue Read More

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The Unforeseen Rose

in this one rose lies a miracle made up of many unseen particles to the human eye in this one rose lies a story that is shared between all beings in this one rose lies a beating heart roaring with love & kindness in this one rose is a co creation of equality in this Read More

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I Am

This path, this choice, this journey was never going to be easy for me or for anyone that chooses to walk away from their tradition. I was, I AM a women who received a strong calling to discover my true purpose through leaving my comfort and security behind and stepping into a path of the Read More

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