The sun has now entered Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. There are twelve signs in the zodiac, beginning with Aries as the spring equinox, and with the fall equinox behind us and the sun now in Libra, we are halfway through the astrological year.  The first six signs of the zodiac –Aries through Virgo- are all about building our own identity in some way, whether that has to do with what we own, expressing ourselves, creative endeavors, our family or our home – every sign before Libra has to do with the development of self. Now, with the sun in Libra, we truly begin to understand that in this world, we are not alone. We are in fact, dependent upon our relationships with other people. The image for Libra is the balancing scales, and Libra is all about balance. Balancing other people’s perspectives with their own is one of the best qualities of people born under the Libra sun, and it’s the work we’re all called upon to do at this time of year.

We have also now truly entered the harvest season, at least here in the Northern hemisphere. Everything we have sown has either grown or will grow soon. Again this is reflected in the zodiac – the first six signs are about building, sowing seeds, and creation, and the last six signs are about experiencing the result of that creation. The last six signs, beginning with Libra, have more to do with fate than free will. Now is the time to face any consequences of previous action. Every decision we make while the sun is in Libra cannot be made in a vacuum – we must think out the long-term affects of our actions, and we must also be very mindful of other people.

The full moon in Aries on October 5th, however, will remind us that time isn’t exactly linear. Although the sun has progressed halfway through the zodiac and is dealing with the archetypal ramifications of that, the moon is again at the very beginning, in Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is the spark of inspiration, the excitement of new beginnings. Aries is that individual who, wanting to find out who and what she is, separates from the greater whole so that she can truly be herself, so that she can truly develop her own creative potentials. So even as now the majority of the year will be dedicated to relationship, the larger world, and fate, we still remember our desires to make our own decisions, be an individual, and create things just simply because we want to create them.  With the moon in Aries, take time to honor the energy of just being yourself. The moon in Aries is bright, enthusiastic, spontaneous and excitable. Remember to honor that place within, even if you are in a larger context where you are finding relational obligations are shaping your decision-making.

With Sun conjunction Mercury this full moon, communication issues in relationships are going to be especially important. You might find yourself having delicate conversations with a significant other, a co-worker, a family member or a friend.  How are you expressing yourself in your one-on-one relationships?  Are you taking the time to directly communicate your needs? And just as importantly, are you listening to others? Mercury in Libra reminds us that just as we need to communicate our needs, we also need to take time to listen, to deeply listen, to others.

The full moon will also be forming at T-square with Pluto. Pluto has just gone direct after months of retrograding (or moving backward) through the sky. Pluto, as is it moves through Capricorn, has been causing chaos and transformation in government and world affairs. We are in the middle of a huge collective transformation that is being played out on a global scale. This full moon we will not only be called upon to balance our individuality and relationships but to ask the question what does balancing those things mean in the context of such a huge collective transformation? Nothing that happens to any of us occurs in a vacuum. This potent full moon will shed light on that very fact.

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