I assist women and men in shifting their mindset from limiting and self sabotaging beliefs into surrender, trust & transformation!

Are you reading this because you have discovered their has to be more to this life then what you are currently doing?
Are you finding yourself in a repetitive pattern each day that is lacking spontaniety and excitement?
Are you seeking freedom to live in abundance in all aspects of your life?

It seems your soul has guided you to the right place.

I believe nothing in this world is by coincidence, so it is no coincidence that you found yourself onto this page.
Perhaps it is your highest self guiding you here?

Highest Self ~ your conscious, expanded self.

Would you like to discover your true soul’s calling through connecting to your inner wisdom, intuition and extra sensory gifts?
Do you want a bird’s eye perspective of who you really are and what it is you truly desire?

This one month program with Kirsty, TMW Founder, will help you step away from self limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living from a place of peace and harmony. Kirsty will mentor and support you through every transition that rises into all that is wanting to be unlocked.

Having stepped away from her comfortable Executive Assistant role in the corporate world just 1.5 yars ago and into a life full of travel, freedom, love and now currenly living on the tropical island of Ubud, Bali, Kirsty has a high level understanding in what it feels like to be working in a job that doesn’t nourish your soul and body and most importanly how fear can truly assist in resisting change!

If you are feeling ready to follow your heart and live from a place of freedom let’s connect. It’s time for you to step away from remaining in the shadows and step into all that you can be!

TOGETHER you will learn how to:

+ Connect to your inner guidance
+ Understand how to live in the flow of life
+ Learn healthy and uplifting daily rituals to enrich your life
+ Discover how to listen to your inner wisdom and intuition
+ Connect to your heart
+ Learn positive mantras
+ View your life from a birdseye perspective
+ Most importantly, you will learn how to transform your self limiting beliefs into creativity


+ 4 x weekly 60 minute guidance sessions over Skype
+ Free 20 minute session to gain clarity on what it is that you are desiring to achieve in the next month
+ Guidance, tools and techniques to use throughout the week for those moments of doubt (yes, they will surface!)
+ Weekly email support
+ Receive other resources or personal growth events that will help you transition into freedom




Are we the perfect match?



“After the first month of being mentored by Kirsty it was a very easy choice to continue. I look forward to our session every week and feel as though my soul and spirit are energetically ready for it. This is evident in the vast amount of synchronicities that occur each time and every week is unforgettable. My mentoring sessions with this beautiful, honest and trustworthy woman has enabled source to reveal a deeper level of healing that my body, mind and soul needed to have released and clarified. I am realising now more than ever why such events have occurred and can take the lessons learnt deep into my being and move forward into each new day with a fresh look on life, motivation, clarity, trust and Love. If your soul has lead you to Kirsty then there is a reason for it. The reason may not be clear right now but after one month it will be. 
I wrote this after a few weeks of being mentored by Kirsty due to some of the conversations we were having; Breathe deeply, live freely, trust whole-heartedly, dream enormously and love unconditionally.”
Jessica Anastasi