When women come together in circle, we not only heal ourselves we heal the world

Red Tent is an ancient women’s practice where women would gather on the new moon of each month to bleed together, to rest, eat, share stories & support each other to fulfill their highest potential. Traditionally, young women would join Red Tent when they first received their bleed or when their bodies were cycling with the phases of the moon. This is where young girls would be initiated into womanhood.

In a society where we connect more with our phones then with people, Red Tent is needed more then ever. Women are natural nurturers and empathic givers and so to avoid further detachment from ourselves it is vital for us to fill our love tank up with love and nourishment at least once a month, with a group of women, our sisters.

Red Tent is a safe space to learn and rediscover women’s mysteries, enhance our gifted intuition, exchange our own unique wisdom with others, be heard, release any emotions, thoughts and feelings from the previous month and create new intentions for the new month.

Sitting with our sisters in circle nourishes & reconnects us back to our heart’s desires to create balance and clarity. Something very special takes place when a woman can feel safe in a space where all of her is welcomed, accepted, honoured and deeply loved for being her unique self.

Here is what some of our TWM sister’s have said since joining Red Tent:

“Thank you gorgeous Kirsty for another amazing red tent. My moon has been in full flow and I feel cleansed and so proud to be a woman and now have the blessings of my moon. For the first time in a long time I’m grateful for this blessing and to be in touch with oneself and Mother Earth. I’m experiencing so many shifted feelings and thoughts about myself and embracing every moment. It’s all thanks to you for walking into my life and helping me along my path. I’m feeling even more empowered and I feel I’m glowing. Love to all the sisters that I have had the absolute divine pleasure of meeting and sharing this amazing experience. I asked the universe to please bring into my life more like minded people and here you all are.” Teresa – 23/4/16

“I am an event and spiritual workshop junkie. I love it all! But last night I had the pleasure of attending something unique in conection – my first red tent circle. It was almost beyond words, the love, rawness, vulnerabilities and connection had with these beautiful goddesses. We walked in as strangers and walked out as sisters. It made me realize how much we need more of these connections and I encourage you all to create and be apart of these beautiful, supportive communities. Thank you Kirsty for honoring connection and holding the space for the sacred feminine.”~ Leah  9/4/16


“I dream and know it is possible for the world to live in a place of peace, harmony and love. Where fear and anger is non existent, where each of us can spread our wings and soar in absolute freedom!”

~ Kirsty Targrass, The Mystic Wanderer