This New Year’s I found myself snuggled in my bed with a healing body, mind & heart. It was quiet besides the few fire works taking place around me.

I found myself writing this message and was unsure whether to share it however I decided that this year is not about holding back but about being fully present with my thoughts & emotions.

2016 was a year of inner work and 2017 is the year of manifestation and higher evolution.

So, this is what I wrote on the evening of 2016…

“2017 is a human creation. How do we ever know when it has been 365 days? Who said a year had to be 365 days any way? As human’s we seem to put alot of awareness on these man made illusions of milestones; New Years Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Easter etc. Statistics reflect that it is around these times that people become stressed, intoxicated and more disconnected from their bodies then they already are. It’s a man made distruction of disaster, which, we as humans keep fueling and wonder why we need to invest into health insurance and government liability that is far beyond our financial capacity.

I am also aware as human’s we need these milestones to validate our identity and or the vehicles we have been so gratefully given to create and weave our own unique expression.

I believe in letting go and setting intentions, manifesting and creating our own reality but why do we as a planet need to emphasise the importance of creating our own world on milestones? This just creates more pain and suffering to our emotional body, yes we have an emotional body, not just a physical body! Infact, according to Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan we have 10 Bodies!

I believe we have the ability to create our own reality, not just on the days we have been told to do so! This is a little reminder to wake up each day knowing you have the power to create your day not just on New Years Eve/Day”.